With more than 50% of the world’s population having access to mobile devices, it should come as no surprise that we are seeing an increase in mobile apps every year. Mobile apps are changing the way we interact with our phones and they can do much more than just play games or text friends.

It’s important to consider building your own mobile app if you want to keep up with the demands of your business.

If you aren’t convinced of why you should have a mobile app, then here are some of the best reasons why you should have one right now.


Studies have shown that by adding a mobile app, you can increase conversions from your website by at least 20%.

If you’re running an e-commerce business, you already know that it’s important to make sure you’re visible on both desktop and mobile devices—even if a desktop is still your primary conversion source.

The upshot of having a mobile app? More traffic to your website equals more opportunities for sales, as well as more interactions with current and prospective customers (on both desktops and mobiles).

Plus, people are using their phones more than ever when they shop: 2X since 2014 according to Facebook data, so it makes sense to develop a mobile app if you don’t already have one.

Apps are Trendy

From dating apps to Instagram, it seems everyone has a smartphone app these days, and for good reason—apps are pretty great!

If you run a business of any kind (even if it’s just a freelance gig), having an app can help your business in many ways.

It can be used to market your company and stay in touch with customers and clients, not to mention you can make money by charging people for downloading it onto their phones.

The possibilities are endless! Here are five reasons why you should invest in an app right now

Millennials Prefer Apps

In April 2017, Pew Research Center found that 65% of American adults are smartphone owners, but mobile phones and apps have become essential to everyday life—and not just for millennials.

In fact, a 2013 Pew survey found that 58% of adults who do not own smartphones say they plan to purchase one in the next few years.

Whether you’re building a new business or keeping your current one up-to-date with modern technology, you need to know how apps can benefit your business and provide an avenue for your customers to interact with you on their terms.

Our list below will help walk you through some of those benefits so you can decide if an app is right for your company


The application of content is one way to reach users, but it’s also what will help you keep them engaged with your brand for a longer period of time.

Customers are more likely to stay loyal and make repeat purchases if they feel like they’re being treated as individuals instead of as anonymous statistics or brand sponges.

In order to accomplish that, you have to know who your audience is and understand their likes, dislikes, goals, and aspirations.

Then you can begin thinking about how your brand can interact with them on a more personal level through mobile apps tailored specifically for each consumer segment and type of device. Here are four ways mobile apps will help drive personalization in 2014

Increase customer engagement

94% of customers expect businesses to respond to their questions within 24 hours, and 66% expect a response within an hour (source). 90% of mobile users make a purchase as a direct result of using their mobile device (source). What are you waiting for?

Provide Direct Customer Relationships

As a business owner, you get to connect directly with your customers through social media platforms and mobile applications, unlike any other time in history.

Rather than outsourcing customer relations to your local business directory or phonebook, you have a direct link to those who support and patronize your business.

This allows for instant communication between customers and businesses that are unheard of prior to smartphones and global positioning systems (GPS). Be sure to use it!

Keep Your Customers Engaged

Whether it’s managing a restaurant or planning a wedding, mobile applications are a simple and effective way to help your customers get more value out of your product or service.

For instance, one study found that 80% of consumers using mobile applications rated them as helpful compared to 64% who use websites.

Not only that, customers like apps because they’re easy to use—and fast! Of those surveyed, 50% of respondents reported having positive feelings towards an app they used on their phone because it was easy while just 19% reported feeling positive towards a website because it was easy.

Apps make users feel important and valued which is exactly what you want when you’re trying to win over new business leads and repeat customers alike.

In addition to enhancing customer service

Every business should have a mobile app because it allows customers to purchase goods and services on the go. Research by Google found that more than 60% of online shoppers made a purchase from their smartphones in 2020.

If you aren’t offering your goods and services for on-the-go shopping, you’re missing out! Create an easy way for potential customers to do business with you; having a mobile app is one surefire way to make that happen.

Having a mobile app for your business is the best way to engage your customers

Customers expect companies to provide a mobile presence and will search for your company by its name or via keyword once they know you have an app available for download.

It’s becoming increasingly important for all companies to be available on smartphones and tablets; in fact, nearly 50% of smartphone users download apps at least monthly, while 18% do so at least weekly.

Android users spend more time on their phones than iOS users do—surfing, listening to music, playing games, etc.—which means they are more likely to find and interact with your app. And why wouldn’t they? After all, it’s right there in their pocket!

People are Spending Time on Smartphones

Smartphones are taking over and in just a few years have become an integral part of our daily lives. We use them to take pictures, make calls, send emails, search for information, and purchase items from online retailers

if you want your business to grow, you need to be accessible on mobile devices and smartphones are currently dominating that market so that’s where your focus should be.

Most individuals aren’t using their desktops anymore for research or shopping – they simply go to their phones – and if you want to maintain your market share you need a mobile presence (and app) as well.

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